These are the reasons to chose EAE BBT

  1. EAE has completed thousands of projects in many countries.


  2. EAE has been manufacturing busbar systems since 1973 in Istanbul/Turkey and exporting to 100 countries. EAE manufactures busbar systems as per ISO 9001 & 14001 & 27001 & OHSAS 18001 standards in 5 factories in Istanbul. EAE Group has a huge 2 machinery facilities in 82,000m in closed manufacturing area with modern and technological equipments for all accessories, modules and parts.


  3. EAE can design any type of projects with 3D isometric drawings by using their patented Easy Busbar software which can be prepared our dealers as well. In addition EAE busbar modules are also available in Revit library.


  4. EAE has the manufacturing capacity to provide fastest delivery in 3-4weeks time from the factory as a first consignment.


  5. EAE also has an emergency manufacturing team that can produce in 48hours for any immediate requirement of a few pieces due to site held items or site damaged items during installation.


  6. Each rating of EAE Busbars are tested according to IEC 61439-1/6 individually for all required type tests and each rating is certified separately in last few years only by KEMA/DEKRA in Holland.


  7. EAE KX compact busbar are also certified by KEMA/DEKRA in Holland as CB Test Certificate which combines all required type tests for each ratings in year 2010.


  8. EAE KX compact busbars are UL classified.


  9. EAE KX busbar systems are tested and certified against fire resistance as per IEC 60331 and ISO 834.


  10. EAE power busbar products are Green Guard certified.


  11. Rated insulation and operational voltage is 1000Volt for medium and high current power busbar systems.


  12. 14.The conductors of KX busbar system is minimum 99,9% electrolytic copper or EC grade aluminium. Conductors are tin-plated at joints in automated robotic inhouse plant with 20 steps of chemical treatments. Mill certificates of conductors from supplier (from France & Turkey) will be provided for every project’s material.


  13. 15.The insulation system of the KX busbars consist of epoxy coating + polyester film insulation between conductors. The epoxy insulation is done with fully automated robotic plant at inhouse plant in same factory. Two different types and two layers of each insulation material protect the system securely for a long life operation.


  14. 16.IP protection of the housing is standard IP55 min. IP 65 and IP67 products can also be manufactured for KX. KEMA/DEKRA test certificates for all IP ratings are available. EAE also manufactures the IP 68 cast resin range (CR) 630A to 6300A.


  15. 17.EAE Tap Off boxes can be equipped with any kind, brand and type of breakers as per the consultant’s specification. No need to depend on a certain brand. Dimensions of the tap Off boxes can also be changed as per site requirement.


  16. 18.Rating of plug-in type tap-off boxes is from 160A up to 630A. Plug-in type tap-off boxes have electrical & mechanical interlock mechanism, which ensures that tap-off box cannot be removed mechanically from the busbar when the box is at “ON” position. Jaws contacts of plug-in Tap Off box are silver-plated. Tap off boxes are manufactured of sheet steel and epoxy painted RAL 3020.


  17. 19.Plug-in point locations can be arranged at any level/distance of floor height precisely and any distance in milimeter of busbar pieces as per project’s requirement. Tap Off boxes can be fixed at any precise height/distance required in electrical room, shaft or wherever required. Plug-in points have a hinged cover that provides IP55 protection on plug-in type busbars. A three meters standard plug-in busbar have 2 or 3 plug-in provisions in both sides. The cost of plug-in points (holes) are not priced separately and are included in the standard price.